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My thoughts exactly why @instagramapp rocks

Interestingly posted on Posterous by me. If you have an iPhone, I highly recommend you get this App. Today, I saw some photos from Boracay, Philippines. Angie and I were there in 1997 and is easily our favorite island on the planet.

My Little Brother Just Discovered Rock and Roll

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Go Blue! Beat State.

Video hat tip to M Go Blog: http://mgoblog.com/content/preview-michigan-state-2010

@mattyoho @objo thanks, here’s my issue in a nutshell

I followed Hivelogic’s instructions to install Ruby, RubyGems and Rails on Snow Leopard. Things seemed to go well. Below is where and what versions were installed:

Plan to Expand Rail Service Imperiled at State Level – NYTimes.com, Kasich against rail

Republicans running for governor in a handful of states could block, or significantly delay, one of President Obama’s signature initiatives: his plan to expand the passenger rail system and to develop the nation’s first bullet-train service.

John Badman/The Telegraph, via Associated Press

Crews with the Union Pacific Railroad removed piles of old wooden ties for disposal during construction of the new high-speed rail in Plainview, Ill.

IBM: CityOne – A Smarter Planet Game

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It’s been a month since IBM purchased Sterling Commerce. Friday was my official day as an IBM employee. I’m pretty excited about the opportunity at IBM.

Here’s some of the things that IBM is doing with it’s Smarter Planet campaign. IBM uses gaming, like the CityOne game, to teach students and customers the fundamentals of Business Process Management- not only what it is, but how it can affect an entire business ecosystem at large.

In CityOne, a player’s mission is to:

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