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Antonio’s first live football game. Go Rocks.

Antonio’s been wanting to go to a game so bad. Tonight is a great night for his first game. At Dublin Coffman vs. Worthington Kilbourn.

Columbus Landmarks Ghost Tours & Walking Tours

Here's a press release that I got that sounds interesting.



Becky West

Columbus Landmarks Foundation



Columbus Landmarks Foundation Announces Fall Walking & Ghost Tours

Loyalty program at the Dublin Village Tavern

via thedublinvillagetavern.com

I couldn’t find reference to the loyalty program on the Dublin Village Tavern website. But it exists and it is great. It’s really not a loyalty program, like what you find at Giant Eagle. It’s an email list, and you get sent periodic coupons. Like, buy one meal, get one free.

I get those, and I stay loyal.

So drag your butt over to the Dublin Village Tavern and fill out a card to enter the program. Ask your server if the card is not already on your table.

And the picture they choose to represent Columbus is Tee Jayes Country Place?

via huffingtonpost.com

So Columbus is the 17th most social media savvy city in the U.S.

Some socially media savvy person should freaking set up a repository of media ready images that represent Columbus better.

Go ahead, make my day

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything really original here. And it’s gonna be a while still. But I got this e-mail from my Cousin, which I thought was great. Enjoy.


Heading home from a marvelous visit with a friend last weekend, I suddenly noticed that my gas tank was nearing empty. I hopped off 275 and stopped at the Marathon on Winton Road. After fueling my truck, I noticed a woman leaving the station’s convenience store with a T-shirt that read, “Today’s not your day.”

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