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In defense of the Social Media Expert Critic

Of course, the companion piece to my last blog post, is to celebrate the Social Media Expert Critic. If you’re bashing this type of behavior, then by all means, bash away.

But I don’t think our experts are like that.

In defense of the Social Media Expert

Ok, not really. But sub-head this post “You’re never appreciated most in your hometown”.

Yea, I get the whole social media expert bashing thing. I think generally it’s pretty funny. But I don’t get the bashing of the folks trying to make a living off of social media. Case in point, Len Hewit (name changed to protect the innocent).

I’ll admit, I was at once skeptical. I thought, what the hell does this kid know? But I’ve met Len a few times, and he genuinly wants to help people. You may disagree with what he’s teaching or how he goes about marketing his services, but that’s no excuse to categorize him as a social media snake oil salesman.

Ah ha ha ha, I suck, but you knew that

First off, congrats to all involved with TEDxColumbus, great list of speakers.

Second, my apologies for the guest post I published here. Clearly it was wrong. But I’ve been wrong in the past and I probably will be wrong again. I won’t apologize for mucking it up, but I’ll man up when I’m wrong and apologize accordingly.

Carry on. Nothing left to see but my carcass.

Behind the Curtain of TEDx Columbus by Ryan Bauer

Guest post from Columbus celebrity and great guy Ryan Bauer. Full disclosure, I really want TEDx Columbus to be a hit. I share the same community goals of Ryan and TED (the original). Hopefully, the organizers of TEDx Columbus see Ryan’s post as a good thing and be open with their motives. After all, I’m completely open with Ignite Columbus. As should Nancy and Ruth.

NOTE: Make sure you read the comments. It’s all good. Cheers, @wyliemac.
Behind the Curtain of TEDx Columbus by Ryan Bauer

The recently publicized TEDx Columbus is facing difficult questions this week after behind the scenes details of the event were reported on twitter.

Columbus, where are you and whatcha doing there?


And here’s the mapped results!

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