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Indymedia Roundup - Week of February 14, 2011

Rally Against Hate in Hastings -- Hastings High School students put on three showings last weekend of The Laramie Project, a popular play about about the homophobic murder of gay student Matthew Shephard in Laramie, Wyoming.  That drew the attention of the notorious Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church, a group which sees homosexuality as the root cause of the world's evils and regularly protests Laramie as well as the funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Iowa Anarchists Shut Down Fascists in Des Moines

More than sixty anarchists, antifascists, catholic workers, communists, and everyday people from Iowa City, IA; Des Moines, IA; Omaha, NE; and elsewhere converged in Des Moines on Saturday, November 20 to protest a scheduled ¨White Pride Day¨ rally organized by the American National Socialist Party based in Chillicothe, Ohio.

Cronk's Having Problems, Feds Harassing David Pellow and National Day of Solidarity for Scott DeMuth

Assistant U.S. Attorney Clifford R. Cronk III seems to be having some problems. Back on June 14, Judge Thomas J. Shields ordered him to provide the evidence from the second superseding indictment against Scott DeMuth that he hadn’t already coughed up. Shields also ordered him to provide a number of particulars about the indictment, including exactly what Scott is alleged to have done that is illegal, whom he is alleged to have done it with, and when he is alleged to have done it. You know, basics like that. Cronk had until June 21 to hand over that info.

Unsealed "Terror" Affidavit Reveals Flimsiness of DeMuth Case, FBI Tactics

UPDATE: DeMuth's trial postponed

Back at the end of February, Twin Cities Daily Planet writer Sheila Regan successfully won a motion to unseal secret court documents in the Iowa investigation into a 2004 Iowa City ALF action.  The release of one of those documents last week - an affidavit supporting the search of Minneapolis activist Scott DeMuth's computer - reveals the flimsiness of the case and some of the methods used by the Joint Terrorism Task Force in their investigation.

Grand Jury Resister Carrie Feldman Released Today!

From the Scott and Carrie Support Committee:

Carrie was released today! The US Attorney unexpectedly filed a motion stating that her testimony was no longer needed, and now she’s out of jail and on her way back home. She’s excited to finally be free, and wants to express her gratitude to everyone for their support throughout this process.

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