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Victory in Court! AC is (and always was) NOT GUILTY!

Today on Friday April 30th, AC (Raymond Merchant) triumphed over the state's futile attempts to paint him as an armed robber. He was facing three charges--aggravated robbery in the 1st degree, attempted aggravated robbery in the 1st degree, and assault in the 2nd degree as a result of being falsely implicated in a robbery that occurred last October. After only two hours of deliberation, the first hour of which was over lunch, the jury reached a consensus verdict of not guilty on all three counts.

With deafening silence, City Council fails to reappoint Dave Bicking to Civilian Police Review Board (CRA)

Despite widespread community support and a history of fighting for better police accountability, Dave Bicking failed to be reappointed to the CRA at the April 2nd City Council meeting.  Dave Bicking was seeking a 4-year term to the board that deals with issues of police accountability and investigates complaints against the Minneapolis Police Department. For his dedicated work, Bicking has the support from over 314 community members who signed a petition online or offline.

Four slots open on Civilian Police Review Authority Board; Are three already decided? City documents suggest that Mayor Rybak made his decisions before the public hearing!

On Wednesday, March 24th, the city will host a public hearing to choose four open slots on the Minneapolis Civilian Review Authority (CRA). The mayor is able to appoint three people to the position and the city council may appoint one person. For 2010, 15 people applied for these four positions including Dave Bicking, who wants to be reappointed, and has a strong backing from many in the community who are impressed by his work on the CRA. 
Recently, the Minneapolis Public Safety and Health Committee released a document announcing the public meeting.

Roundup: Police Chief Dolan's Reappointment Approved 8-5

Friday at Minneapolis City Hall, Tim Dolan was reappointed as Chief of the Minneapolis Police Department by an 8-5 vote over widespread community opposition. Dolan’s original appointment in 2006 was approved 12-1, and since then his department has overseen the repression of dissent before and after the 2008 RNC; multiple police killings of people of color including Fong Lee; several expensive settlements resulting from false arrests, taser use, and police brutality; the Metro Gang Strike Force scandal; and a culture of disrespect for the law as it applies to police and for the human rights of Minneapolis residents.

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