Anti-War Committee

Breaking: FBI informant infiltrates Minnesota anti-war and international solidarity organizations

FBI Informant "Karen Sullivan" pictured on right(Image credit: // // Twin Cities Indymedia: Pt 1 // Livestream raw footage from Weds press conference Anti-War Committee .

Anti-War and International Solidarity Activists Denounce FBI Infiltration. 

Emergency Minneapolis Demonstration Against Israeli Attack on Gaza Freedom Flotilla - Tuesday, June 1st!

Update: Protest also called for Friday at 3 p.m. in St. Paul at MN Trade Center via DASWO -

Note: We received the press release below of an emergency protest in Minneapolis on June 1st against the Israeli attack on the humanitarian flotilla to Gaza. Please spread the word on this emergency protest!

Minnesotans detained in and deported from Israel return home and speak out

Israeli security forces refused entry to three U.S. solidarity activists for attempting to participate in a human rights delegation. They were treated as criminals, while their only goal was to learn about the reality of life for the Palestinian people.

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