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2012 Mountain Justice Summer Action Camp May 18-25

May 18- May 25, 2012 


This event will happen at the Appalachian South Folklife Center near Pipestem, West Virginia.


There is indoor bed space, heated buildings, chairs, and good food including meat.  People of all ages are welcome and people of all ages do attend.  You are welcome to come! 


Occupy the Criminal Justice System: From Stop-and-Frisk to Prison Cells

On Monday, February 20, actions will be occurring across the country in solidarity with the more than 2 million people locked in cages -- the incarcerated. Monday, is National Occupy Day in Support of Prisoners. "OWS is a struggle for human rights," said Jay Chiu, an activist with Occupy Wall Street. "You can't take a stand against severe economic inequity, the denial of human rights, and the universal dominance of the 1 percent -- some of which are private prison execs who spend millions every year lobbying our politicians -- without also denouncing the prison industrial swtor credits complex." The U.S. has the world's highest documented incarceration rate.

Where Is Jamie Dimon When You Need Him?

JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon is constantly running around railing about financial reform generally and the Volcker Rule in particular, usually in such hyperbolic terms that it should self-discrediting. Here's one example of his over-the-top ridiculous claims about the Volcker Rule: "We are going to have to have a lawyer, compliance officer, doctor to see what [a trader's] testosterone levels are, and a shrink, what is your intent?" Mr. Dimon has said a number of times.

NATO/G8 Chicago updates: Protest permits approved (sort of); Protest ordinances revised (barely)

From the newswire: "Activists with the Coalition Against the NATO and G8 War & Poverty Agenda (CANG8) this afternoon received a permit from the City of Chicago for a Saturday, May 19 march from Daley Plaza to McCormick Place, site of the NATO / G8 summits to be held May 19-21." But the permit includes an "escape clause" which would allow the Secret Service to nullify the permits. Read more

Chicago Raises Voices Against Mayor Emanuel's Anti-Protester Ordinance

With Chicago slated to host the 2012 NATO/G8 summit in May 2012, Chicago officials are engaging in sabre-rattling against grassroots activists, first with wanton arrests admitted as "just practice for G8/NATO", and now with a proposed draconian rewrite of local Chicago laws involving public protest.

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