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the destructive effects on society of fbi/police operations and credo.

The fbi (federal burro of investigation, the Jackass of the nation) impliedly affirms in its operations 24/7 its centurylong applied credo as follows:


*We are primarily in the business of taking lives (or destroying them by imprisonment), not of saving lives, nor furthering the aesthetic and humane interests of mankind. In short the fbi has this message  (see attachment)to the Target (T): “ We Intend To…



Time Warner Cable: Anti-Union

I don't like corporate monopolies but I needed to pay the rent, so I got a job at Time Warner Cable in the fall of 2012.  My job title was Technical Support Representative.  To a lesser degree, I was happy to be working for the company that produces Real Time with Bill Maher.  Insight Cable Company was recently bought up by Time Warner Cable.

Human Trafficking - Everyone Can Help

For some years now, I have been listening to radio interviews with Jim Rothstein, retired NYPD detective, now living in Minnesota.  Jim has been describing his lifetime work, both as a police officer and retiree, trying to serve and protect victims of human trafficking, particularly child sex trafficking.  He has now developed a way all of us can help.

In December 2012, Jim described, on the radio, a project he has had some success with in the St. Cloud, Minnesota area.  His idea is to gather (primarily) mothers, and visit officials who have the authority to either pursue trafficking cases, or, all too often, to order officers or district/crown attorneys OFF trafficking cases.

This group is named "Mothers Against Trafficking."

Catholic Church Torture case in U.S. Supreme Court

 see link concrning this case which is now before the united states supreme court

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