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Support indicated by UN, US, maybe NZ for ethical human rights approach to replace neoliberalism.

Support indicated by UN, US, maybe NZ for ethical human rights approach to replace neoliberalism.

Anthony Ravlich, MA, BSc, Dip Crim(Hons), Author.
Human Rights Council (New Zealand)
10D/15 City Rd.,
Auckland City.
New Zealand.
Ph: (0064) (09) 940.9658

A new idea, an ethical approach to human rights, development and globalization to replace neoliberalism, gives people a choice.

The ethical human rights approach is being supported on the social networking sites by the US government, the UN while the NZ government maybe sympathetic.


Arch City ARA is pleased to announce that we will be holding the Anti-Racist Action Network's 18th annual conference this year in our hometown of Columbus, OH during October 12th-15th . The conference will include ARA's annual plenary, caucuses, and discussion on current issues facing antifascists. All said events will be held privately.

City of Columbus May Start Regulating Information Tables

tablingCurrently, the Columbus City Council is considering Ordinance 1386-2012, proposed on June 14, 2012 and apparently scheduled to be voted on at the meeting this coming Monday, July 16, 2012 (the agenda hasn't been posted on their website at the time of this writing so all I have is this -- UPDATE: Apparently, the vote will not be held on the 16th as the emergency language in the proposed legislation was removed.

Anti-Fracking Rally Video - Got Water ?

Here is a link to a video shot at the anti-fracking rally by Peace General Bruce - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrPDFubVMJI&feature=youtu.be

Jason Robb Ends Hunger Strike

Sunday, June 17th, 2012, Youngstown, OH- Last Friday, Jason Robb a death
sentenced prisoner at Ohio State Penitentiary (OSP) suspended his hunger
strike demanding transfer to death row at Chillicothe Correctional. Jason's
description of his meeting with Warden David Bobby is below.

"On the 15th of June I met with the Warden and Deputy Warden. During this
meeting I raised the issue that no one had been able to tell me what I
could do to move from isolation to death row at chillicothe. The Warden
explained that throughout Ohio's control units they had been setting up a
step-down program so inmates could work their way to general population. I
explained that this was not the case for death row inmates in Ohio control

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