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United Steel Workers 624 On Strike

About 240 hourly workers are on strike at the Husky Energy Inc. oil refinery in Lima, OH.  USW Local 624 and Husky Energy failed to reach a contract agreement. Workers took to the picket lines May 25, 2012.  The union and Husky could not come to terms in regards to working conditions, safety and use of personal time.  Husky maintains that the company needs to reduce a "higher-than-standard" absenteeism rate. Salaried workers are currently maintaining the 155,000-barrels-a-day output of the refinery. Despite quiet, peaceful picket lines, Husky is paying for police presence during the strike.


Ibiza condo developer FRAUD verdict in Civil Court. Plantifs awarded $200,000 -- AGAINST parent company RMRW, LTD.

Judgement was against the now parent company RMRW, Ltd of the bankrupted developement company Apex Realty, Inc.  NOT the individual plantifs (Rajesh Lahoti, Michael Council, Ray Brown and Wilbur Ischie).  This means that the fraud judgment probably won't be following the individual defendents in future businsess endeavors.

The awarded amount plus expected recoverable amount of deposit moneys from the banckrupcy of the condo development entity, Apex Realty, Inc. , together will meet the total amount of deposits but will not encompass legal fees nor for the damages/duress of the plantiffs over the last four years of this drawn out battle.

Iraq War Veteran speaks about Operation Recovery in Columbus, Ohio


IVAW Organizer and Iraq war veteran Maggie Martin speaks about Operation Recovery to Central Ohioans for Peace

Click here to watch it on Youtube

COINTELPRO Workshop and Discussion

What: We grew up believing we had the legally protected right to petition our government for redress of grievances. However in the 1960's-70's COINTELPRO disagreed.

fbi as MAFIA

See the evidence of the emerging fbi as MAFIA in modern times.

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