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The Civil Rights Act: What if JFK had lived?

On July 2, 1964, President Lyndon Baines Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act, one of the most significant pieces of domestic legislation in the United States since the New Deal of the 1930s. The Act outlawed discrimination based on race, religion or national origin in public places including hotels, restaurants and theaters. It also required equal employment opportunities to be provided by employers and laid the groundwork for passage of the Voting Rights Act in 1965.

Imagining the Post-Occupy Social Movement

Shamus Cooke 

If one were to honestly assess Occupy's current strengths and weaknesses as a movement, confusion must be the inevitable result. This is because Occupy is not one movement, but an umbrella term that encompasses several different groups that have varied aims, organizational structures, and gaping theoretical differences.

Occupy may not be dead, but its power as a powerful social movement has surely been splintered into a dozen or so mini-movements. For example, a good, broad definition of a social movement is a large group of people who collectively try to achieve certain agreed on goals.

Gathering May 16th 9 PM to protest Corporate Enclosure of OSU's parking system

Last week over 3,300 students faculty and staff stood up and signed a petition stating that the trustee board has no right to sell off our public assets including our parking lots.
The unelected corporate executives that sit on OSU’s trustee board are getting nervous, really nervous.
There are close to 100,000 students, faculty and staff at OSU. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of proud buckeye alumni. That’s a lot of people… We have a lot of power…
On May 16th and 17th the OSU community is going to let the trustee board know that we want an Ohio State where the voices of students, faculty, and staff are respected, and are given a vote on issues that impact our lives.

Tim Hortons Serving Up Discrimination in Columbus




My coffee cup and on it is the exact time I was served at the store.

Racial discrimination at the Northern Lights operated Tim Horton’s coffee shop is real; it happened to me and I also witnessed this happening to others from the same ethnic background.

Vision Without Glasses PDF Vision Without Glasses PDF

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