NPR and the Univ of Washington Promote Greenland Whale Killing

5 countries admit to whale slaughter. They are Greenland, Iceland, the US,
Norway and Japan. 2 countries who do not admit to it are Canada
and Denmark.

The narwhals have been killed for their flesh,
because they eat fish, and for their ivory like tusk.

The tracking devices put on the whales by the Univ
of Washington and a Greenland institute facilitate
the killing.

Fifth Third Bank: Cruelest Forclosures, Megatheft and Animal Agony

Cincinnati based Fifth Third Bank has some of the worst foreclosure
methods in the country. In one Ohio town, a pregnant woman with 2 children
under 3.5 was told she had 30 days to move out. It was virtually impossible
to talk to the bank management about this and other foreclosure situations. While many Fifth Third Bank homes sit empty,

NPR's WKSU And Nabors Pollute OUR air waves with Animal Flesh Ads

NPR owns 200 million in McDonald's stock and
avoids negative publicity about the chain.

Since WKSU (whose control has been
wrested from the students of Kent) and Nabors, owner of the Mustard
Seed Market of Solon and Fairlawn, continue
to pollute our airwaves with ads for animal
flesh which kills more people annually than
tobacco and alcohol, both of whose industry

Ted Koppel: "Natural Fit" at NPR News and Longtime Booster of Henry Kissinger


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by Norman Solomon
Monday January 16, 2006

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