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On the Ground in Madison: Teachable Moments

Progressive Ponderings by Joe Mayer, Feb. 21, 2011

On the Ground in Madison: Part 1 – Teachable Moments

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March for Immigrants' Rights on May 1 - Our Alternative to the Tea Parties

UPDATE: Three marches expected to number in the thousands will converge as one in downtown Minneapolis on Saturday.  MIRAC and allies will march from Martin Luther King Park at 41st and Nicollet at 2pm.  (A radical labor contingent will feed into the MIRAC march as well, meeting at Phelps Park, Chicago and 40th, at 1pm.)  Also at 2pm, marches with the Minnesota Immigrant Freedom Network will convene at Franklin and Chicago Avenues in south Minneapolis and University and Central Avenues Northeast, respectively.

Columbus Go Home DC Full Story! Roy Beck, Tea Baggage, Undercover Feds, and Comprehensive European Reform!

Washington D.C. -- Prankster and Activist Robert Erickson incites tea baggers to shout "COLUMBUS GO HOME!", debates anti-immigrant zealot Roy Beck of Numbers USA, and discovers undercover federal agents in a new hilarious video, which unveils his plan for Comprehensive European Reform.

“Hi I’m Robert Erickson, you may remember me from my speech at last November’s Tea Party Against Amnesty.  I strongly believe illegal immigrants are responsible for some of the worst crimes in history and because of that we need to remove them from the country by any means necessary.

TCIMC Video: Robert Erickson Punks Tea Party - The Full Story

In this new TC Indymedia video, we give a new look (in HD!) at the now-infamous Robert Erickson Tea Party punk with added footage of crowd reactions and interactions with counter-protesters.  Erickson's speech exposed the hypocrisy of the white supremacist, racist and xenophobic rhetoric of right-wing extremists, who use dangerous imagery to frame the immigration debate.  It also drew attention to the plight of the Dakota people, who currently control .006% of their original land base, which was stolen via fraudulent treaties, genocide and ethnic cleansing.

Video and editing by Twin Cities IMC with additional footage from Bluestem Prairie and I Don't Hate America. (6:06)

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