Statement of Support for Dr. Waziyatawin - "Truth Telling is a Necessary Step"

from International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network--Twin Cities:  We, the undersigned, are outraged at the targeting of Dr. Waziyatawin, PhD by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

On November 8th, 2010, Dr. Waziyatawin a well-known Dakota writer, activist and teacher, was invited and presented a talk at Winona State University concerning the brutal realities of the colonization of this continent’s land, its resources, and First Nations People.  She also spoke of a common need to restore our environment and a way of living that is not reliant on capitalism and the destruction of nature. 

Shifting the Ritual of Thanksgiving, One Child at a Time

 by Susan Raffo (originally published at The Bilerico Project)

Growing up, it was one of the holidays where we gathered together at my great-grandmother's house. Piles of aunts and uncles, cousins and people whose names I could never remember showed up with plates piled high with food. Turkey and dressing. Green beans and candied yams. That red jelly in a can that was supposed to be made of cranberries. Black olives. Pumpkin pie. Apple pie. And then cold turkey sandwiches later in the day.

Brown Unity: Take Down the Fort & National Day of Action Against SB 1070 Saturday

Saturday is not just the National Day of Action against Arizona law SB1070, which has already seen widespread national protest.  Locally, it's also the opening day of Fort Snelling, a flagship tourist attraction for white Minnesotans and former concentration camp site.  Dakota and indigenous peoples will march to the fort on Saturday, joining a separate march of immigrants and allies which kicks off the Boycott Arizona--Minnesota (BAM!) Campaign.  Both groups will convene around noon.  Details below

Dakota Activists Drop Banners to Challenge Proposed Funding for Fort Snelling

St. Paul, Minnesota, February 15 --- About 20 Dakota activists and supporters interrupted the Minnesota Historical Society’s "Rally for History" this afternoon at the state capitol.  Protesters are challenging the proposed funding for the renovation of Historic Fort Snelling, the site of a 19th century concentration camp where several hundred imprisoned Dakota people died of starvation and disease while 1,600 were held by US troops during the winter of 1862-1863.   Protesters say that by choosing to preserve the fort, Minnesotans are choosing to celebrate a symbol of violence against native people.

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