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Occupy The Courts, Occupy Wall St. West Target Money in Politics on January 20th

On Friday, January 20th, thousands of people participated in a national day of decentralized actions aimed at highlighting the cancerous problem of money in politics. The event was timed to coincide with the anniversary of the January 20, 2010, Supreme Court ruling in favor of Citizens United, which effectively granted corporations and the rich the ability to buy elections.

Stratfor Intelligence Leaked by Anonymous Reveals Spying on Occupy Movement and DGR

Internet group Anonymous has leaked information from October and November 2011 suggesting that private intelligence firm STRATFOR has been working with Texas law enforcement to infiltrate the Occupy movement and spy on the Deep Green Resistance movement.

The Over-Policing of Low Income Urban Neighborhoods: Brownsville Gang Roundup

43 arrested, but is it the system that abandoned the neighborhood and the people to blame.

King Day on Auburn Ave.

;January 16th, 2011 was Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Day in Atlanta and around the country. Atlanta had it's usual parade and speakers, all of which was very nice. But Atlanta Indy Media was interested in what the people had on their mind. What is the current satus of the African American community, is King's Dream still alive, what are the problems African American's are dealing with, and what are their victories? Is life improving for African American's in the age of Obama? This film is a series of interviews with people on Auburn Ave and asks is life getting better for African American's since Obama came into office, what needs to improve and who are the new leaders on the horizon. It runs 45 minutes.

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