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Gary Johnson Held on $5000 Bail for Sleep Protests at Santa Cruz County Courthouse

Gary Johnson, the homeless activist doing the nightly protest against the Sleeping Ban, the Lodging Ban, and the curfew at the Santa Cruz County Courthouse from late December until earlier this month, has been incarcerated since January 6 in what amounts to indefinite detention for the crime of sleeping. Johnson has received the bail amount of $5000 after having been arrested four times for "lodging" 647(e) and "trespassing" 602(o) during his protests. Read More

UC Riverside Students Disrupt Regents Meeting

RIVERSIDE (CA) January 19, 2012 - Thousands of students, workers, and community members gathered to participate in the governance of the UC system. When their participation was limited and ultimately shut off, they took direct action to ensure their voices were heard. For this, they were confronted by police from numerous agencies. Police violence broke out, and three arrests were made

Preparations for the event have been going on for months, and have included on-campus general assemblies and discussions of occupation. The camp began Tuesday night and immediately drew support from students and campers from Occupy Riverside and Occupy LA. By Wednesday, a food table was set up, as was an outreach table and a people's library.

Housing crisis grows as attorney generals question legitimacy of political resolution efforts

The crisis in foreclosures promises to get even worse in the near future, with up to 3.6 million people losing their homes over the next two years, as estimated by the New York Federal Reserve.

Up until August 2011, all 50 State Attorney Generals were negotiating with five banks that were accused of “robo-signing” documents and conducting illegal home seizures. That month, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman decided to oppose what he felt was Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's undue haste in trying to get a settlement and to instead pursue criminal charges against the five banks. Over the next four months, as evidence of blatant illegality mounted, seven other State Attorney Generals followed Schneiderman's lead and left the settlement group.

Occupy Congress seizes Supreme Court steps, then forces White House security lock down

At about 7PM on the 17th of January, Occupy Congress did something I have never seen a protest accomplish before: They took over the iconic steps of the Supreme Court building, with one report saying some reached the doors. There were no reports of anyone getting inside.

Guantanamo Year Ten

Last week marked the tenth anniversary of foreign nationals being held at Guantanamo Bay, the US military base in Cuba. On the anniversary, activists organized the largest protest as of yet to demand its closing and and to bring attention to its human rights violations. Largest ever Gitmo protest demands Gitmo be CLOSED | Guantanamo Bay Turns Ten: Former Soldier Discusses the “Detention Camps” | In the Shadow of Indefinite Detention - Guantanamo Year 10.

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