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SWTOR Assassin Deception Build

Welcome to our build guide for the Sith Inquisitor, this particular guide will focus on the SWTOR Assassin Deception Build. Throughout this guide we will first look at the actual top rated build itself, followed by a brief playstyle guide, as well as some general tips and reminders to look at, and the we will briefly go over a few of the key talents and abilities for this build. Now let’s get started! SWTOR Assassin Deception Build SWTOR Assassin Deception Build Playstyle The Deception talent tree for the Assassin is a melee DPS build. This build is great for sustained damage as well as some more bursty damage output. As you can see, we put 5 points into Darkness, 3 into Madness, and the remaining 33 into Deception.

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