Freedom Flotilla

FRIDAY JUNE 4TH: March to End the Siege of Gaza, Solidarity with Freedom Flotilla Activists

On Tuesday, Minnesotans entered Senator Amy Klobuchar's office to demand a political response to both the killings on the flotilla and the inhumane blockade of Gaza. This Friday, we will go to the MN trade office to demand an end to local economic relations between Minnesota and the State of Israel as part of a larger project of ending all US financial sponsorship of the Israeli war economy. The Minnesota Trade Office facilitates the relationship between Minnesota-based corporations and the State of Israel. In 2008, Minnesota companies made over $10 million on goods exported to Israel. (Photo: The aid ship MV Rachel Corrie is en route to Gaza undeterred by the flotilla attack.)

Emergency Minneapolis Demonstration Against Israeli Attack on Gaza Freedom Flotilla - Tuesday, June 1st!

Update: Protest also called for Friday at 3 p.m. in St. Paul at MN Trade Center via DASWO -

Note: We received the press release below of an emergency protest in Minneapolis on June 1st against the Israeli attack on the humanitarian flotilla to Gaza. Please spread the word on this emergency protest!

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