What is shocking versus what is invisible: Chrishaun McDonald, racism and transphobia

In the early morning of June 5th,  a young trans woman of color named Chrishaun McDonald and  her friends walked by the Schooner Tavern at the busy intersection of 27th and Lake in Minneapolis.  A white, older bar patron named Dean Schmitz stood at the door of the Schooner.  According to McDonald's roommate, Schmitz started harassing McDonald, shouting, " Did you think you were going to rape somebody in those girl clothes?" and adding racial slurs. What happened next is unclear.  Minutes later, Schmitz was dead and McDonald was in custody.   The Star Tribune writes that according to McDonald, Schmitz attacked her and ran into a pair of scissors that she held in self-defense.

Open community letter demands resignation of District 202 director Curt Prins over youth disempowerment, unaccountability

"District 202 was originally intended to be a community organization “by and for youth”, providing physical space for queer youth to exercise their agency, build community, and grow as leaders. The elimination of the Youth Advisory Committee in 2009 and the absence of a youth presence on the Board demonstrate a disregard for input from youth. More specifically, the changes since your appointment have especially affected queer youth facing multiple oppressions. The Board is incomplete and ineffective without the voices of people of color, trans people, dis/abled people, poor people, and youth.

Too Fabulous to be Boxed in: Trans March Organizers Resist Assimilation!

The 4th Annual Twin Cities Trans March will be Saturday June 26th at 3pm leaving from Stevens Square Park in Minneapolis.  Last Sunday trans march organizers chatted with a TC Indymedia journalist over stencils and spray paint while preparing for the upcoming march.  We discussed the history of the trans march and its relationship to Pride, the theme of this year's march (which is "The Many Aspects of Trans Health") allies, intersectionality, and solidarity.  Organizers preferred to be anonymous.

"We create our own space – in the streets!"

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