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Historic First in Nation's Fast Food Industry, 200 Jimmy Johns Workers to Vote in NLRB Union Election

October 22 Election is Potential Turning Point for Labor as Millions in Service Sector Face Deepening Poverty

MINNEAPOLIS (JimmyJohnsWorkers.org)–The National Labor Relations Board confirmed today that it will conduct a union election for 200 workers at ten Minneapolis-area Jimmy John's on October 22, an historic first in the nation's almost entirely non-union fast food industry. The secret ballot union election could be a turning point for labor at a time of deepening poverty for millions of Americans affected by the recession, many of whom are employed in low-wage service sector jobs.

Momentum Builds for Jimmy John's Workers Union With Tip Jar Action, Union Election in the Works

A historic fight for unionization is going on in the Twin Cities.  The majority of workers at an entire local Jimmy John's Franchise--10 stores located in Minneapolis and St. Louis Park--have formed a union with the IWW and are fighting for a list of improvements like paid sick days, guaranteed hours, job security, fair raises, and an affordable health care option.

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From Arizona to Minnesota, Immigrant Struggle Heats Up

UPDATE: U.S. Judge Susan Bolton issued a partial injunction against elements of SB 1070 until the full case can be heard. Proponents of the law are disappointed, but the group PuenteAZ says the ruling is "NOT a victory."

St. Paul Demonstration on Thursday, July 29

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