Sporeprint Infoshop is Alive and Well

There's a lot going on in Columbus, Ohio.

If you'd like to find out what's going on, meet new people, support a local radical community, hold your meeting, book club, study group or other event, borrow radical (and not so radical) books, or just spend time hanging out, the Sporeprint Infoshop is a great place to do it.

ATTACK! Against the Grand Jury

Grand JuryOn Wednesday July 25th, the FBI conducted a series of coordinated raids against activists in Portland, Olympia, and Seattle. They subpoenaed several people to a special federal grand jury, and seized computers, black clothing and anarchist literature. This comes after similar raids in Seattle in July and earlier raids of squats in Portland.

Anarchists celebrate Mayday in Rhodes Park

In the shadow of the recent FBI sting on an allegeded anarchist plot to blow up a random bridge in northern Ohio, a group of Central Ohio radicals held an afternoon cookout celebrating international workers day in the West Side park named after notorious governor James Rhodes.  The picnic was in solidarity with the general strike that was called by the occupy movement with over half of the people in attendance calling off work to attend. 

Help Occupy Columbus: What's Going On?

decision-making crowdIn my last article, I called for more of an Anarchist presence at each General Assembly (GA). If we want the GA to move towards dismantling capitalism and the state that benefits and supports capitalism, then Anarchists need to be present at the GAs so that we can make proposals that move us closer to these goals. In this article, I'm asking all women, people of color, disabled, poor, GLBTQ, and everyone who's experiencing struggle to attend the GAs. I also highlight some of the other important issues currently being debated.

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