Anarchism, properly understood ?

By Tom Over--- Perhaps I’m an old guy looking down on a younger generation of folk seeking social change, but most of the self-described anarchists I’ve engaged with are–in my humble opinion–actually something else. ‘Nihilism’ might be closer to the truth than ‘anarchism’ when it comes to their worldviews, though still not quite on the mark.

Reflections on Colonialism Within Academia

What does it mean to be an accountable settler in the Twin Cities and in particular, the University community? This is a question that I have been asking a lot of myself as of late as a student of a bureaucratic institution such as Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota. Something that seemingly all academics should learn to grapple with here in Minnesota as we hustle about our daily routine is that we are living, breathing and learning on stolen land.

NACLA Launches Campaign to Send "Open Veins of Latin America" to the White House

Dear friends of NACLA,

Yesterday, the mainstream media
erupted with stories about Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez publicly
giving President Obama a Spanish-language copy of

2008 Midwest Socialist Conference: Building a Revolutionary Alternative



November 15-16 * Chicago * DePaul University
(Munroe Hall, 2312 N. Clifton)


On November 15, join hundreds of socialists and activists from across the Midwest to discuss today's struggles and building a movement for revolutionary change at the 2008 Midwest Socialist Conference.


*Saturday Morning Plenary
Capitalism in Crisis: Building the Revolutionary Alternative

*Saturday Evening Plenary
Resisting U.S. Empire

*Saturday Workshops
From Boom to Bust: The Economic Crisis Today
Is a Revolution Possible in the U.S.?
What's next in the Struggle for Immigrant Rights?
From New Deal to Raw Deal: Keynesianism to Neoliberalism
Afghanistan: The Right War?
Lock 'em up and Throw Away the Key: Capitalism: Crime and Punishment
Radical Black Workers Struggles of the 1960s
Environment in Crisis: Can the Planet Be Saved?
Capitalism and Sexuality
Harvest of Empire: Globalization and Immigration
How Can We Organize to Fight Back? The Politics of Mass Protest and Direct Action
Marxism versus Anarchism
The Women's Liberation Movement of the 1960s and 1970s
Lenin and Buhkarin on the Theory of Imperialism
After the Elections: The Democratic Party and War
The Fight for Single-Payer Health Care (Patients and Health Care Workers Speak Out)
Why Do We Need a Revolutionary Party?
From Unemployed Councils to Factory Occupations: The Class Rebellion of the 1930s
Introduction to the International Socialist Organization (ISO)

*Sunday "Socialist School" Workshops
Why Capitalism Doesn't Work: The Marxist Theory of Economic Crisis
World Revolution: The First Five Years of the Communist International
The Russian Revolution: When Workers Ran Society
Rosa Luxemburg's The Mass Strike
The Myth of Lenin's Elitism


SHARON SMITH author of Subterranean Fire: A History of Working Class Radicalism in the United States

CAMILO MEJíA of Iraq Veterans Against the War (*for id only)

ACTIVISTS form the front-lines of the struggles against the death penalty, for immigrant rights, for single-payer health care and against the war.

JOE ALLEN author of Vietnam: The (Last) War the U.S. Lost

PHIL GASPER columnist for the International Socialist Review and editor of The Communist Manifesto: A Road Map to History's Most Important Political Document

KEEANGA TAYLOR frequent contributor to Counterpunch, International Socialist Review and Socialist Worker on questions of race and class

ELIZABETH SCHULTE journalist for Socialist Worker newspaper and Socialist Worker Online

ADAM TURL contributor to Socialist Worker and Socialist Worker Online.

DAVID WHITEHOUSE reviews editor for the International Socialist Review



9-10am Registration
10-11am Opening Plenary
11:30-1pm Workshops
1-2pm Lunch
2-3:30pm Workshops
4-5:30pm Workshops
5:30-7:30pm Dinner
7:30-9pm Evening Plenary

Sunday "Socialist School"

11am-1pm Workshops

****REGISTRATION is on a sliding scale of $15-50 (solidarity) donation

****FOR MORE INFORMATION contact your local branch of the International Socialist Organization, call 773-370-4575 or e-mail contact@internationalsocialist.org.



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The Destruction of America - Series five - Justice

This is the fifth of a seven part series.

In this segment I discuss the Justice system in the United States.

Previous Series:

Series one - Environment- can be found here:

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