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CTUL Hunger Strike outside Minneapolis Cub Foods ends June 1


Today, June 1, 2011, the 12-day hunger strike ended and Cub Foods stores in Minneapolis, Minnesota knows the seriousness of the workers united. CTUL eagerly anticipates the management's reaction to the continuing letters and questions that have been coming in from the public. When will the stores have a meeting with the workers?

CTUL asks that the public call CEO Keith Wyche to tell him of continued support for the boycott of Cub Foods:

651-439-7200 - Please see www.ctul.net for more updates.

Hunger Strike in Support of Cub Foods Workers to Begin Saturday, May 21

from http://ctul.net/

Hunger Strike, May 21-??:

Bringing to light the injustices workers face every day cleaning Cub Foods stores.

“Every night, we are surrounded by food as we clean the grocery stores in our community.  Yet often we cannot afford to put enough food on the table for our own families.”

Cleaners at Cub Foods Demand Accountability after Leader is Fired

UPDATE: Thursday's 11am press conference/protest has been moved to Bethany  Lutheran Church at 2511 E. Franklin, due to the explosion of a natural gas line at 60th and Nicollet this morning.

Protesters Assaulted by Cub Security Guards -- Action and Announcement Planned for Thursday, March 17

Workers and Allies Demand Justice from Lunds & Byerly's in Tuesday's Frigid Cold

by Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en Lucha - Wednesday, February 9

Over the course of the past few days, we have seen some telling developments in the Campaign for Justice in Retail Cleaning, highlighting the need for major retail chains to partner with workers to establish a code of conduct that guarantees an end to human rights violations in retail cleaning.

When workers who clean Lunds & Byerly’s stores went to pick up their paycheck from their employer (National Floor Maintenance) on Saturday, they received a memo stating that “Our customer is constantly looking for savings and we must comply but maintain the equality [sic] of service that is expected from all employees.”

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