TC Indymedia Roundup #8: Minnesota's sprawling security state highlighted in documentary, Mall of America intelligence reports

As the 'Great Recession' deepens in Minnesota, the bankers' friends in our growing security state keep intensifying their reach and ambition. Public media outlets reflecting on the paranoid decade since 9/11 have distributed several narratives showing the system's strange operations: "Better This World," a documentary covering the 'Texas Two' 2008 Republican National Convention aired on tpt Tuesday night (TCIMC is hosting a screening on Sept. 14th as well - optional RSVP for The Nicollet).

TC Indymedia Roundup #3 New Videos of CD at Chipotle, mobile CCTV cams at political rallies, call-in day, MNBBC campaign update, No DNC in Minneapolis, Mujeres en Liderazgo on upcoming KFAI radio show

Video from Civil Disobedience Action at Chipotle.  If you haven't already, check out these two recent video clips from the January 23rd, 2011 action that lead to the arrests of eight activists.

TC Indymedia Roundup #1: FBI Fallout; "Suspicious Activities" scheme spreading like kudzu; memorial for murder victim; Indymedia Africa convergence & more

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