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Xayakalan, Santa María Ostula: “Nobody’s going to move us out of here”

This article goes into the process that led up to the historic recovery of indigenous lands in the Sierra nahua of the state of Michocán, Mexico on June 29, 2009 and describes the current situation in the new community of Xayakalan. Written after a recent trip to Xayakalan, the article contains an interview with one of the driving forces behind the land recovery.

Tens of thousands on the streets say down with the regime

In a day of anger at the Mubarak regime hundreds of thousands of demonstrators gathered in Cairo, Alexandria, Suez, Port Said and in many Egyptian towns and cities in one of the biggest protests seen so far in the country and with intense confrontations with state security forces. Major protests started on January 25. Hundreds were wounded during street battles with the police with fifty three confirmed deaths from Friday's protests.

Take care of your Laptop Battery

Take care of your Laptop Battery

UK Police Agent Provocateurs Exposed

Four deep undercover police infiltrators operating in the UK and Europe between 1995 and 2009 have been exposed. PC Mark Kennedy (AKA "Mark Stone"), an undercover police officer from 2000 to at least the end of 2009 who was based in Nottingham.

Benefits of Staying Up-To-Date on All Air Travel Rules

 Have you flown within the last year?  How about within the last month?  Even if you have, there is there is a good chance that things have changed since the last time that you were at the airport. While you may be thinking about the airport layout, it is actually the air travel rules that have likely changed. As more security issues arise, often on a daily or weekly basis, the airlines decide to enforce new travel rules.  In the event that these new enforcements do go into effect, do you know how to go about finding what they are?


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