Ohio Super Max Prisoner Resumes Hunger Strike

Sunday June 3rd, 2012, Youngstown- Last week Cornelius Harris, a level 5 prisoner at Ohio State Penitentiary (OSP) resumed the May Day hunger strike, in protest of the warden's slow response to the prisoner's demands. It is unknown when Mr. Harris began refusing food, how many consecutive meals he has refused, and whether or not other prisoners have joined Mr. Harris's hunger strike. OSP's warden, David Bobby refused to comment or make any statement about Mr. Harris's situation or condition, including how many meals he has refused. 

Please Vote Out Killer Judges Maureen O'Connor and Evelyn Stratton

Please vote out Republican killer judges in Ohio

Cold premeditated murder by judges is done with pens and is ethically worse than the hot passion of unpremeditated killing.

Two thirds of the world has abolished governmental murder
or capital punishment. Many US states have not had
executions in decades or a century.

Jesus V The Rich

Jesus V The Rich
by 11th Hour Worker Friday, Aug. 15, 2008 at 12:31 PM

A majority of Americans are nominal Christians. The following examines the ethical imperatives of that path.


Jesus said feed the hungry.
Romney says make them work at minimum wage for food.
Jesus said "Peter put down your sword."

Hillary Clinton was silent when her husband esecuted a retarded man and 3 others

Hillary Clinton was silent when her husband esecuted 4..
was silent when her client WalMart gave a glass ceiling to women,
when they unionbusted, when she invested in cattle futures (those cows had
no future), when she helped Don Tyson become the nation's biggest
butcher.. his corporation skinning animals alive in Washington State

See also her appalling record on animal rights

Conservative ABA calls on Ohio to end its racist death penalty


John Edwards http://www.johnedwards.com has called
for an end to questions about death penalty belief in selecting
juries, since this question stacks the jury in favor of

In December, New Jersey became the first state in over 40 years legislatively to abolish the death penalty.

The American Bar Association has called on Governor

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