Safety at Occupy Columbus Statehouse Site in Question

It seems that the current iteration of Occupy Columbus hasn't taken my concerns seriously. (1) At least, it's impossible for me to know for sure since there are no recent meeting notes or any updates on the status of General Assemblies on the Internet anywhere. However, one way to tell is by the recent accounts of physical violence that have taken place at the site.

On August 24, 2012, Michael Alexzander King writes on the Occupy Columbus Facebook page:

Anarchism, properly understood ?

By Tom Over--- Perhaps I’m an old guy looking down on a younger generation of folk seeking social change, but most of the self-described anarchists I’ve engaged with are–in my humble opinion–actually something else. ‘Nihilism’ might be closer to the truth than ‘anarchism’ when it comes to their worldviews, though still not quite on the mark.

U.S. skinhead violence on the rise


U.S. skinhead violence on the rise: watchdog group By Matthew Bigg
Fri Oct 20, 7:36 PM ET

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