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Safety at Occupy Columbus Statehouse Site in Question

It seems that the current iteration of Occupy Columbus hasn't taken my concerns seriously. (1) At least, it's impossible for me to know for sure since there are no recent meeting notes or any updates on the status of General Assemblies on the Internet anywhere. However, one way to tell is by the recent accounts of physical violence that have taken place at the site.

On August 24, 2012, Michael Alexzander King writes on the Occupy Columbus Facebook page:

Final Nail In Occupy Columbus Coffin

Earlier this year, I wrote on Columbus Indymedia encouraging anarchists to attend Occupy Columbus General Assemblies (1 | 2). Even if many of the proposals don't reflect anarchist principles or revolutionary goals themselves, the presence of anarchists and anti-authoritarians would have helped to keep the assembly directly democratic, ensure it was a safe space that was free of sexist, racist, classist, heterosexist, and other oppressions, and connect newcomers to other groups who may have been participating in actions that are more direct.

City of Columbus May Start Regulating Information Tables

tablingCurrently, the Columbus City Council is considering Ordinance 1386-2012, proposed on June 14, 2012 and apparently scheduled to be voted on at the meeting this coming Monday, July 16, 2012 (the agenda hasn't been posted on their website at the time of this writing so all I have is this -- UPDATE: Apparently, the vote will not be held on the 16th as the emergency language in the proposed legislation was removed.

Help Occupy Columbus: What's Going On?

decision-making crowdIn my last article, I called for more of an Anarchist presence at each General Assembly (GA). If we want the GA to move towards dismantling capitalism and the state that benefits and supports capitalism, then Anarchists need to be present at the GAs so that we can make proposals that move us closer to these goals. In this article, I'm asking all women, people of color, disabled, poor, GLBTQ, and everyone who's experiencing struggle to attend the GAs. I also highlight some of the other important issues currently being debated.

Where Are All The Anarchists?

I've been thinking about the Occupy Columbus and Occupy movement lately and feeling a bit uneasy about it. So, I decided to attend a General Assembly held on Saturday, December 17 in order to determine the source of my uneasiness.

Turns out, the cause of my uneasiness was a general lack of anarchism.

"At its core, anarchism is indeed a spirit - one that cries out against all that's wrong with present day society, and boldly proclaims all that could be right under alternate forms of social organization." (1)

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