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Canada Doesn't Want You, So Stay Home!

I haven't been to Canada since 1998. When I was younger, I'd drive up to Montreal or Quebec City for the weekend to enjoy another culture. For the most part, crossing the border between the United States and Canada was a breeze. Friendly border agents would wave me past after asking but a few simple questions. They'd even smile. Those days are over.

The Nazi Hydra In America (cover.jpg)

The Nazi Hydra In America (cover.jpg)

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The Nazi Hydra In America

Discover the real truth behind today’s headlines.

The Nazi Hydra In America: Now Available through your favorite bookstore or Amazon dot com.

Rebuilding the House George Smashed:Can America Avoid Fascism?

Rebuilding the House George Smashed:
Can America Avoid Fascism?

From The Streets of Little Beirut
Feb. 9, 2009
Glen Yeadon

Love of Place vs. Patriotism

Let's play a thought experiment. Imagine that you were born in the same place and time, to the same parents, in the same home, and that everything in your life went pretty much the same as it has except you never saw a flag, you never heard nor were required to say the Pledge of Allegiance, and you never saw or heard anything relating to or about patriotism. You grow up.

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