Occupy Wall Street

Final Nail In Occupy Columbus Coffin

Earlier this year, I wrote on Columbus Indymedia encouraging anarchists to attend Occupy Columbus General Assemblies (1 | 2). Even if many of the proposals don't reflect anarchist principles or revolutionary goals themselves, the presence of anarchists and anti-authoritarians would have helped to keep the assembly directly democratic, ensure it was a safe space that was free of sexist, racist, classist, heterosexist, and other oppressions, and connect newcomers to other groups who may have been participating in actions that are more direct.

Is the Occupy Movement Dead?

I wanted to share this blog post with folks in Columbus just in case you all are not following this blog elsewhere. The author points out that even though the Occupy "Movement" is coming to an end, resistance to capitalism and the state is not ending and has the potential to grow. 

Longshore Workers, Truckers: Shut the Ports, Coast to Coast!

The Internationalist
December 2011

Following Dec. 12 West Coast Port Blockade

Longshore Workers, Truckers: Shut the Ports, Coast to Coast!

 Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
Occupy protesters blockade the port of Oakland, California, December 12. (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Class War on the West Coast Docks

DECEMBER 28 – Following the nationally coordinated police evictions last month of Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Oakland and encampments across the country, on December 12 the Occupiers struck back. Ports up and down the West Coast were blockaded, from Seattle to San Diego and the port of Houston on the Gulf of Mexico. In Oakland, California, where 30,000-40,000 marchers shut down the port on the evening of November 2, this time hundreds blocked port entrances in the early morning and several thousand demonstrators occupied the dock area in the evening, shutting down shipping for the entire day. Key terminals were blockaded in Seattle and Portland. Solidarity rallies were held from New York to Honolulu and Tokyo, Japan. Despite a barrage of hostile propaganda in the media, opposition from union bureaucrats and heavy police repression in some places, overall the blockade was successful – this time.

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