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Cornell Police Sent to Quell Bioterror in Broome County

GHW Bush; Killing His Own People 7/25

Bobby Meade

As the "uncrowned king of Babylon", it is prophesized that GHW Bush will murder his own people; i.e. his fellow Nazis.(a.)(Is. 14:20) According to the plan and their "covenant with death" (Is. 28:14); the hardcore Nazis will keep up their murderous activities no matter what happens; thus those who have offered them token support in order to get along with them are going to be the ones who end up killing them to stop this madness.(James 5:6)

The Death of the Bush Fool


The Death of the Bush Fool

Dumkopf Nazi fools have been given power to rule until God's words are fulfilled. (Rev. 17:17)(a.) It is written that the Lord will slay their leader, GHW Bush, the "son of perdition" with the "breath of His mouth" and that He has made my mouth like a sharpened sword for this purpose. (2 Thess. 2;8; Is. 49:2)

Government Policy Textbook Warns Nordic Countries Heading Toward Innovation Policy Crisis

National Stagnation, Cultural Insularism and a Limited Culture of Public Participation Could be Driving Forces behind an Approaching Innovation Crisis, New Textbook Warns.

How the CIA Steals Money From Taxpayers

In 1989 Catherine Austin Fitts became Assistant Secretary for Housing in Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). She began to notice money was not properly tracked as it moved between different HUD departments and there was a lack of proper accounting mechanisms to deal with discrepancies in revenue indicated fraud at an alarming level. [28] She attempted to put in place some credible financial tracking mechanisms to identify where the money was going and to identify the responsible individuals and HUD departments, but after 18 months on the job she was suddenly fired by the Bush administration. Fitts was told the day after she left that her financial reforms through ‘place-based financial accounting and statements’ would also be terminated. [29]

No More Delay!

No More Delay!

Gigi! Always ready to move! Are you?

No More Delay!

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