Shifting the Ritual of Thanksgiving, One Child at a Time

 by Susan Raffo (originally published at The Bilerico Project)

Growing up, it was one of the holidays where we gathered together at my great-grandmother's house. Piles of aunts and uncles, cousins and people whose names I could never remember showed up with plates piled high with food. Turkey and dressing. Green beans and candied yams. That red jelly in a can that was supposed to be made of cranberries. Black olives. Pumpkin pie. Apple pie. And then cold turkey sandwiches later in the day.

Thanksgiving, Lake, I Woke Up I did the Same Thing @ Skylab

Skylab, 57 E. Gay St #5

Notes: Thanksgiving (awesome quiet stuff from wa) Lake (touring with thanskgiving?) I Woke Up, I Did the Same Thing (from cbu at Skylab

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