Saifee Durbar: The Last Railway Baron?

London-based businessman Saifee Durbar has a novel approach to making Africa self sufficient.

Durbar plans to span Africa by linking Sudan in the east with Cameroon in the west with a railroad that goes through the Central African Republic.

Minerals and other raw materials found in the Central African Republic will be used to construct the railroad.

Dayton Rallies for Darfur

Dayton Rallies for Darfur
Dayton citizens gather with Nick Clooney and Ibrahim Adam to call for an end to the genocide.

Dayton Stands (and Rocks) for Darfur

Dayton, Ohio—Local activists and citizens gathered at the Pearl Nightclub in downtown Dayton Thursday, March 6, to raise funds for Dayton for Darfur.

Dayton for Darfur to hold benefit concert

Dayton for Darfur to Hold Benefit Concert
Musical and spoken-word performers to raise funds and awareness at the Pearl in downtown Dayton.

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