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Continuing the Story: How the Dominant Story of the Rwanda Genocide Is Unraveling

by Steve Clemens. October 31, 2010

Who is the real pariah: The Professor or the President of Rwanda?

Peter Erlinder, the William Mitchell Law School Professor and noted human rights attorney addressed a small but attentive group at the law school Thursday afternoon. While attempting to update people about his recent arrest and imprisonment in Rwanda late this spring, he also used the opportunity to describe his role in how the story history will record is changing dramatically in the past year.

Peter Erlinder Jailed for Helping Rwandan Opposition

***Update: Erlinder was in court June 17, to appeal the previous denial of bail, and the verdict is that he would be released the next day.****
KIGALI, RWANDA – As President Paul Kagame’s regime faces elections,
as well as the International Criminal Tribunal proceedings about the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, his administration has jailed opposition leaders and used other repressive tactics.

Bush Nazi Swine Flu; 1918 Spanish Flu Deja Vu

Bush Nazi Swine Flu; 1918 Spanish Flu Deja Vu
gloucs | media and culture | news report Saturday October 11, 2009 15:11 by Flu Chaser - The Lord's bobbymeade at canada dot com
Viruses, Bullets, and Foolishness

Banshees Needed for Gaza! *

Banshees Needed for Gaza!
by Bobby Meade Saturday, Jan. 05, 2009 at 10:19 AM

Dayton Rallies for Darfur

Dayton Rallies for Darfur
Dayton citizens gather with Nick Clooney and Ibrahim Adam to call for an end to the genocide.

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