Organizing Meeting: 10th Anniversary of Afghanistan War + Resisting NATO and G8

10th Anniversary of the Afghanistan Invasion
Call for a Midwest Regional Convergence

OCTOBER 2011 is the 10th anniversary of the United States invasion of Afghanistan―America’s longest war―the “good war” that President Obama counter-posed to President Bush’s “bad war” in Iraq. 

Few in this country or abroad now see the Afghanistan war as any better than the criminal war on Iraq, and the Wikileaks revelations have shown the deep cynicism and contempt for human rights that is the driving force behind U.S. foreign policy in every region, regardless of presidential administration.

Why We Should Resist the Imperialist War on Libya

[BBC Photo, March 22 Protest Against the Imperialist Attack on Libya, Philippines]


US / UN / NATO Hands off Libya!

People Push Back as 2012 Democratic National Convention Considers Minneapolis

Minneapolis is one of four cities in the running for the 2012 Democratic National Convention, just one cycle after the metro-wide suspension of civil liberties that accompanied the Republicans' national party in 2008.  This time around, local organizers are mobilizing in an effort to sabotage the bid before a decision is even made.

Protesters Declare Thursday Zero Recruitment Day

Additional Coverage: Video and article on aftermath of Karl Rove's visit | Grandmas' Peace Brigade Meets Zero Recruitment Day | Twitter timeline

Update, 5pm: Two arrested, one detained and released at Lynlake recruiting center action.  Per police, they are charged with trespassing and property damage.  Arrestees taken downtown. Updates as they come in.

Video: Hundreds March Against Iraq, Afghanistan Wars in Minneapolis, Nationally

Hundreds of protesters marched on Minneapolis' West Bank Saturday to mark the 7th anniversary of the current war in Iraq.  After a youth feeder march gathered at pro-war Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar's office at noon, 400-600 people amassed at Cedar and Washington Avenues, marching down Cedar, 20th and Riverside before ending at a concert and rally at Bedlam Theatre.

Twin Cities Indymedia and other movement mediamakers were there, and put together this short video of scenes from the protest and interviews with participants and passersby. (Download at

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