World Press Freedom Day Brings Light To Increasing Number of Journalist Being Imprisoned


 Violations of human rights of reporters worldwide is on the increase.  To help bring about awareness of the problem on World Press Day, May 3, members of Youth for Human Rights Florida visited Tampa Bay media to get their signature on a petition to get the Universal Declaration of Human Rights taught in Florida schools.  Their objective is to bring about better understanding of the concept and importance of Freedom of the Press.

Shifting the Ritual of Thanksgiving, One Child at a Time

 by Susan Raffo (originally published at The Bilerico Project)

Growing up, it was one of the holidays where we gathered together at my great-grandmother's house. Piles of aunts and uncles, cousins and people whose names I could never remember showed up with plates piled high with food. Turkey and dressing. Green beans and candied yams. That red jelly in a can that was supposed to be made of cranberries. Black olives. Pumpkin pie. Apple pie. And then cold turkey sandwiches later in the day.

Open community letter demands resignation of District 202 director Curt Prins over youth disempowerment, unaccountability

"District 202 was originally intended to be a community organization “by and for youth”, providing physical space for queer youth to exercise their agency, build community, and grow as leaders. The elimination of the Youth Advisory Committee in 2009 and the absence of a youth presence on the Board demonstrate a disregard for input from youth. More specifically, the changes since your appointment have especially affected queer youth facing multiple oppressions. The Board is incomplete and ineffective without the voices of people of color, trans people, dis/abled people, poor people, and youth.

French Students Mobilize: "Sarkozy, You're Screwed, The Youth Are In the Streets!"

From our correspondent in Paris -- 

Something New – High School and College Students Protest the Pension “Reform” – Why?

French Students Mobilize: “Sarkozy, You’re Screwed, The Youth Are In the Streets!”

Florida Youth Joins Human Rights Defenders at United Nations During Geneva Summit

FLORIDA – September 1, 2010 – Last weekend Youth for Human Rights Florida President, Dustin McGahee, joined human rights defenders at the 7th Annual Youth for Human Rights International Summit, in support of making the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights widely known and used.

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