Thousands Rally Against Unjust SB1070 and Demand Equal Rights for Immigrants

Thousands gather and march to Convention Center in support of Comprehensive Immigration Reform and in protest against GOP-endorsed gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer for supporting Arizona’s unjust law SB 1070 that attacks all immigrant workers and their families.

MINNEAPOLIS, May 1st – Over 6,000 march to Convention Center to protest against any politicians who supports the passing of Arizona’s unilateral law SB1070, which allows local police to demand “papers” from anyone that looks like an “undocumented immigrant” and to send a clear message that Legalization for All is imperative and Minnesotan families will not be torn apart by racist laws such as the SB 1070.

Support Immigrant Women, Support the Driver's License Campaign! (Where the Allies At?)

Update:  The bill PASSED on to the next committee hearing!  More news to come


from the open publishing newswire: Calling all allies and supporters!

Please come out to support the Mujeres en Liderazgo as they take their campaign for driver’s licenses to the capitol. 

After over two years of organizing, the Mujeres en Liderazgo are preparing for their bill to be voted on by the state representatives.  This is a crucial moment for the bill which would give drivers licenses to everyone.

Rally and March to Reclaim Public Education at the U of M on March 4 National Day of Action

****UPDATE 9pm: Photos from U of M protest; In California: Demonstrators block freeway; 150 arrested; universities shut down; widespread police brutality and militant resistance.  Read more at Indybay or LA-IMC. || 18 Arrested at Education Rally in Milwaukee****

Thousands to Demonstrate for Green Power!

Environmental Media Northwest and eco-hero, Captain Ozone, are organizing a public demonstration for renewable energy known as “Green Power Rally” and you’re invited to demonstrate!
Green Power Rally will take place in many cities all across the United States on Saturday, July 31st, 2010. This is the very first nationwide demonstration for renewable energy, which means you can demonstrate in your home city! 
This is a wonderful opportunity for you to play a prominent role in raising public awareness and support for zero-emissions energy sources. The general public needs to get excited about solar, wind, geothermal and hydro power in or

Scenes from counterdemonstration against Nazis at the Midtown YWCA

Hundreds gathered on a cool, drizzly Saturday on Lake Street to stand against a planned Nazi protest of an anti-racism workshop conducted at the Midtown YWCA.

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