2012 Mountain Justice Summer Action Camp May 18-25

May 18- May 25, 2012 


This event will happen at the Appalachian South Folklife Center near Pipestem, West Virginia.


There is indoor bed space, heated buildings, chairs, and good food including meat.  People of all ages are welcome and people of all ages do attend.  You are welcome to come! 


Free Gary Johnson! Homelessness in California is now punishable by a year in jail.

Free Gary Johnson!  Overturn the Convictions of Ed Frey, Arthur Bishoff, Collette Connolly!  Hands off Christopher Doyon!


End Laws making it Illegal for the Homeless to Sleep at Night!

TC Indymedia: WI State Police amass weapons, riot gear in unmarked vehicles @ Madison Crowne Plaza motel on Washington Ave. night before massive protest

Unmarked Silverado pickups and black Suburbans fully loaded with riot gear; watch out for license plates "EE29**" and "EZ75**"
Madison WI - Early AM March 12 2011 - With a massive protest just hours away at the Wisconsin State Capitol, the State Patrol and park rangers are gathering their forces for the night at the Crowne Plaza on Washington Avenue E near Interstate 94, and their unmarked vehicles are packed with gear including plastic flexicuffs and at least two large rifles in a pickup truck.

At least seven standard State Patrol cruisers are in the Crowne Plaza parking lot, two white park ranger pickup trucks, two marked large State Patrol SUVs, and several unmarked vehicles packed with gear, front-seat laptop mounts, and police vests.

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